#Experience of Nightout in Delhi's Winter Season"

"First Experience of Nightout in Delhi's Winter Season"

Hi guys, My name is Sunny and i am from Delhi; I hope you all will be fine. So I am here first time for i have brought some very good thing in front of you people. From now I am starting share some interesting experiences and important things with you all. So this is my first experience what i am sharing with you all. I am going to share about my first night out experience in winter season on Delhi’s streets.

A few days ago, I spent one extraordinary night wandering the streets of New Delhi, experiencing first-hand what homeless youth from our community go through every night. It was a night I won't forget. That night, I wanted to see the sights of Delhi’s night of which there are many beautiful things and places with delicious foods. As per my understanding, many youths want to walk on Delhi’s streets at night for trying to enjoy & fun. Because  the life of Delhi’s night is are so awesome.
It was Saturday midnight and winter season and due to some urgent important work i had very late at my office. So i and my friend decided that we will not go our home and go for night out tonight. We were very hungry and feeling so cold, so both of us searched for good indulgence and for savoring taste of roadside fast food.Then we move ahead on street now it temperature was so cold, because it was midnight of a winter. We saw many beautiful seen and some historical places of Delhi (like India Gate, Connaught Place etc.) i want advise to all ,if you want to go for night out, so you can go CP side or Hauz khaas side. Because the atmosphere of that's side is pretty cool. You can find many options and many places where you can hang out with your partners.

We decided to eat fast-foods of Delhi, to give some tasty foods into my hungry stomach.We found many local street fast food shop who had some delicious things (liked Paav Bhaaji, Biryani, Non-Vedge items & many more) so we selected Paav-Bhaaji shop because the smell of foods was coming so good. We ordered two plates of Paav Bhaaji with two cup of hot kullad tea and he served us so fast, the looks of Paav- Bhaaji was so good and tasty also. We had eaten both plates of Paav Bhaaji. I can never resist a good dish and this particular one was quite unexpectedly unusual and tasty. The combination of Paav-Bhaaji with kullad tea was awesome.

Now we both had feel so cold but we were so lucky on that time because we found a Café Coffee Day, We could not stay and we went there, the café was so warm and cosy perfect for a winter night. Complete with fairy lights at the entrance and large paintings on the walls. The Cafe manager welcomed us so politely. We ordered one plate of Maggie; the Maggie was cooked perfectly, with good taste. It was accompanied with fried potato sticks. I decided to eat this with a warm coffee. It was a delicious mixture. My friend chosen for the safer more traditional option (like cappuccino with a side of crumbly biscuit). 

The service was swift and efficient; we loved that’s cafe and staff behavior. I spent the remainder of the night moving from coffee shop to coffee shop, search of warm places while away the hours until morning. 

It was a great experience for me, i saw many others things about Delhi on that day. That day i lived my life in a different way and learned lots of things. People seek many things for peace in life. But not all humans are successful in this task. so i guess peace and happiness comes from anywhere in life, accept this and enjoy your life. So guys this was a little story about that’s day. I hope some people will feel so happy to read this experience. I think it must have happened at least once times to many people in their lives.

Thank you for here. Meet you all again with an amazing story or experiences again.


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    1. Thank you so much Diksha...I liked seeing that you liked my blogging. I will wish same in future. Thanks for your love.

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    1. Thank you so much for your love. hope same in future.

  3. Brilliant written and well explained all the places and keep this up...!

  4. Nice experience & good night out. I wish that ever I can be knighted out too😊

    1. Thank you Sonu...Of course, you will get see some good things.

  5. Nice experience & good night out. I wish that ever I can be knighted out too 😊