Thanks to Coronavirus lockdown, Earth is once again able to breathe freely

Thanks to Coronavirus lockdown, earth is once again able to breathe freely, Here big benefit from lockdown: pollution reduction, ozone depletion: 

India Gate New Delhi
The world is currently in lockdown due to the corona virus. No traffic on the roads, factories are also closed. Building construction is not going on, nor are any polluting works going on. The lockdown was initiated by China, now the whole world is doing it. The reason is bad - Corona virus. I do not need to tell you about this thing.  Because you guys will know this very well. This disease has disturbed not only India, China and America (financial wise or life wise) but also the entire world (mostly America, France, Germany & Italy), today the whole world is suffering a lot due to this disease. Many countries have already declared this disease an epidemic, and they are taking very important and strong steps (like lockdown) to avoid this disease. Although the corona virus epidemic has brought our planet to a standstill, it has positively impacted the speed of our planet. Where on one side all the countries have become overwhelmed by this disease. And their economic economy has deteriorated significantly. So at the same time, nature has been greatly helped by this disease, due to which once again our earth is able to take fresh air.

The coronavirus pandemic has actually brought turmoil to lives as well as economic situation around the world. Yet efforts to curb the spread of the virus might indicate that the world itself is relocating a little less. Researchers that study Earth’s motion are reporting a drop in seismic sound– the hum of resonances in the earth’s crust– that could be the outcome of transport networks and also other human tasks being closed down. They state this could permit detectors to identify smaller sized quakes as well as enhance efforts to keep track of volcanic task as well as other seismic events. India is home to 21 of the world's 30 most polluted cities, but recently air pollution levels have started to drop dramatically as the second-most populated nation endures the second week of a 21-day lockdown amidst coronavirus fears, according to The Weather Channel. While the complete shutdown of India's economy was designed to stop the spread of COVID-19, According to CNN, this is one of the health benefits of clearing the air that millions of people were having. As vehicles stayed off the road, construction is put on hold, and factories stop production, the levels of microscopic particulate matter, or PM 2.5 start to drop.

"It is true that pollution levels are going down and will continue to be lower as a result of lockdown," Pawan Gupta, senior scientist at the Earth Sciences of Universities Space Research Association at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, told Earther in an email. Recent heavy rains in the north and west of the country have also helped the country's pollution levels, Gupta added. "Rain is a very effective aerosol removal process from the atmosphere and can bring down particulate matter values," he said.

But it has a big advantage that it is now filling the hole in the ozone layer. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have discovered that the ozone layer above Antarctica, located in the southern part of the Earth, is now filling the hole. Because the pollution going from China is not going there now. It has happened that before the lockdown the pollution level was very high. A jet stream running over the earth, ie an air that passes over many countries. She was going towards the southern part of the earth because of a hole in the ozone layer. Now she has turned. University researcher Antara Banerjee said that this is a temporary change, But good. At this time due to the lockdown in China, the jet stream is going in the right direction. The emission of carbon dioxide is also low. That's why the ozone wound is healing. China at one time used to release the most ozone depleting substances ie ozone depleting substances. But these elements are not coming out of China right now. 

Before 2000, the jet stream used to rotate between the earth. But since then it has turned towards the southern part of the earth. This caused a hole in ozone. There was a drastic change in the weather of countries like Australia. It started getting dry there. Now Antara Banerjee's team noticed that the flow of jet stream is improving. Because of which ozone wounds have started to heal. Also, if the whole world reduces pollution, Australia's weather will improve. The highest industry in the world is in China. Most pollution was also caused from there itself. But the pollution level has reduced drastically due to the lockdown of the last 2 months. Due to this, air and water of many countries have improved. If the lockdown of the whole world can reduce pollution, then it can be useful even further. This will reduce the temperature of the earth. Global warming will reduce. The ozone-reducing elements will be less effective. People will die less due to pollution.

Corona's effect, after World War II, the air of the earth is now cleanest:

Millions of people are having trouble living life due to Corona virus. But Earth is benefiting greatly from the lockdown caused by Corona virus. Earth is now able to breathe more clean air. Such clean air has been seen on Earth after 75 years. Earlier there was such a clear air during World War II. Now scientists hope that after World War II, this will be the first time that carbon emissions will be the lowest on earth. That is, the lockdown has been imposed due to corona. Lockdown has reduced carbon emissions all over the world. Rob Jackson, head of the Global Carbon Project, has said that carbon emissions are expected to decline by 5 percent this year. Earlier, during the 2008 economic downturn, carbon emissions had fallen to 1.4 per cent.

Rob Jackson is a professor at Stanford University, California. Rob Jackson said that many countries were closed at the time of World War II. Markets, traffic, industries were closed. Therefore, the level of pollution in the air was greatly reduced. Then the same view is being seen. Rob said that during the break-up of the Soviet Union, nor during the oil-related crisis, carbon emissions never came at such low levels. Reducing carbon emissions during the corona virus disaster is minor good news. Rob Jackson said that but the reduction in pollution is temporary. As soon as the lockdown is lifted then we will be forced to live in the same mess. Our earth will also breathe in polluted air. 
But it needs to be reduced gradually.

Environmentalist Corinne Le Quarry of the University of East Anglia, Eastern England, said the changes that are currently visible will return to the location where the lockdown was lifted. That is, the earth will be able to breathe clean air in a few days. Corinne Le Querre said that there was an astonishing drop in greenhouse gases emissions on Earth after the 2008 economic downturn. But after that it increased to 5.1 percent. In China, pollution and carbon emission levels have fallen by 25 percent due to the lockdown. In November last year, the United Nations published a report that if global emissions fell by 7.6 percent each year, global warming would decrease by 1.5 degrees Celsius. Scientists have assumed that even though the lockdown of the corona virus this year will result in a 10 to 20 percent drop in carbon emissions, it will not last long. Because by the beginning of 2021 it will start growing again. Which is a matter of concern?

Delhi has breathed pollution free after so many years, and the clouds of Delhi have appeared blue after so many years.

New Delhi: The cities benefited from the lockdown are those whose air is highly polluted (eg Delhi, Gurugram and Faridabad etc). Delhi, which is known as the most polluted air in the world. Where people cannot get fresh air, and many people get sick from polluted air. Delhi's environment has become very clear from the lockdown; Delhi's pollution level has come down significantly. After a long time, the sky of Delhi has started to appear blue. Some groups of birds have started flying in the clouds; I am very happy to see this for all birds. While on one hand there is happiness for these people, on the other side there is also sorrow, on the one hand where our Indian economic economy is falling down, on the other hand our natural environment is also getting cleared. I am confused that I should be happy or sad to see this. 

Since March 25, 1.35 billion Indians were forced to live in their homes, Air quality in New Delhi, usually the worst in the world, has fallen to "satisfactory" levels. The lockdown order shut down offices, factories, schools, movie theaters, malls, markets and "non-essential" service providers. According to Quartz, all modes of public transport such as metro trains, buses, inter-state trains and domestic and international flights for civil movement have also been stopped. 
The effect of the lockdown has been dramatic. In New Delhi, the air pollution levels have dropped 71 percent in just one week. On March 20, the air had an unhealthy 91 micrograms per cubic meter of PM2.5. On March 27, just a couple days into the lockdown, that level fell to 26 micrograms per cubic meter. Anything above 25 is considered unsafe, according to the World Health Organization, as CNN reported. "I have not seen such blue skies in Delhi for the past 10 years," said Jyoti Pande Lavakare, the co-founder of Indian environmental organization Care for Air, and author of upcoming book Breathing Here is Injurious To Your Health, to CNN. "It is a silver lining in terms of this awful crisis that we can step outside and breathe." For its impact on the climate crisis, The Weather Channel reported that the World Meteorological Organization issued a statement that wrote: "Efforts to control the coronavirus epidemic have reduced economic activity and localized air quality improvements Has happened. But it is too early. To assess the implications for concentrations of greenhouse gases, which are important for long-term climate change. Are responsible. "


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The icy mountains of the Himalayas suddenly appear in Jalandhar, people are attracted.

Jalandhar: There is complete lockdown in view of Coronavirus. Due to which the factories running across the country have been closed for some time, all the time the vehicles running on the highway have stopped today. Due to which the level of pollution is getting better and this is the reason why today we got to see the view of the Himalayan mountain in Jalandhar (Jalandhar), which is about 190 km from there. When the people of Jalandhar came out of their houses in the morning, they were stunned. This happened because the view of the white snow mountains of the Himalayas could be seen clearly from his house. The residents of Jalandhar were amazed how it was possible to see the mountains from such a distance. Let us know that these white mountains of the Himalayas are visible from Moklotganj, about 190 km from Jalandhar. But these pictures seen today in the blue sky of Jalandhar are surprising to the people. The people of Jalandhar said that due to the corona virus, pollution spread in the entire country including Punjab is gradually ending. Due to which fresh and clean air can be felt in the atmosphere at this time. The environment is now very clear. Now they are getting clean air and few years of their living age have increased.

What will happen after lockdown? Will there be any further action? Lockdown may open from April 15 with some conditions, know what is the preparation of the government

The 21-day nationwide lockdown is scheduled to come to an end on April 14. It's not yet decided whether the lockdown will be extended or not. At present, the question that is on top of everyone's mind is what's next. Will there be lockdowns in certain hotspots? Will there be restricted movement of public transport? There is a lockdown across the country until April 14 to prevent infection with the corona virus. The markets are closed. Factories, offices, trains, buses, airplanes, taxis, nothing is going on. In such a situation, the government has started discussing the preparations for opening the lockdown. On Friday, Indian government held a meeting with officials in this regard. In which the opening of the said lockdown will not mean complete exemption. 

The UP government will maintain a number of restrictions in the event of lockdown being lifted after April 14. Its purpose is to stop chaos and follow social distancing. According to sources, the government will keep the basic and secondary schools and colleges closed for a certain period even further, but the technical and professional colleges are ready to be opened. When the lockdown opens, first those people who are stranded here for several days will be given preference to come and go, and are unable to go home. For this, transport service will be started in limited scope. Markets and mandis will be opened. There are plans to keep multiplexes out of this range in goods. The Chief Minister says that the DM and SP should first assess the situation after the removal of the lock down, so that the subsequent difficulties can be dealt with. The emphasis of the government is not to allow crowds in any form anywhere after 15. All the precaution of the present time will also be strictly followed later. This includes everything from leaving the group to sanitation. It remains to be seen that what our government does after 14th April.

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