What conditions of stray animals in this very terrible situation of Lockdown.

The condition of stray animals in this very terrible situation of Lockdown, They have no person without humans.

Stray Animals
As we all know that due to Covid-19 there is a situation of lockdown all over the world. This disease has a great impact not only on human health but very bad on the economy conditions of the whole world, Do not know how many innocent people have died from this disease, and the entire world economic condition has also been affected. As this disease is increasing in the whole world, the anxiety and anxiety in the people is increasing. To avoid this disease, many countries have used lockdown throughout the world. But this lockdown is having a very dangerous effect on all countries, where on one side you have been imprisoned in your houses, and due to lockdown, the economy of the entire country is suffering a lot. On the other hand, people who has sitting in the houses due to this, due to this problem many people are facing conditions like starvation. And really there are born a situation of hunger in the country. Lockdown has been in force in our India since 22 March, and the government has extended it till 3 May given the current situation, Middle classes and poor families have been greatly affected by this disease and lockdown. There are not enough rations to eat in many houses; In return, the government of every state is fully helping the people like this, so that such people do not have to face much problem. But in the midst of all this, stray animals are wandering on the road were greatly affected. It is true that just as poor families have been greatly affected by this lockdown, similarly stray animals have also been very affected this. By the way, it is true that all the stray animals (like dogs, cats, cows and many more stray animals) fill their stomachs by eating the leftovers of any dhabha’s & restaurants, walking on the streets and markets, they fills his stomach with whatever they get to eat and drink, or they are given some food items by humans. Such animals have also been greatly affected by this disease and this lockdown. So friends, today I have come here to share something similar, through which I think this thing will reach many people.

I have come here with a very important message, as we all know that in our India as well as in the whole world, the situation of lockdown is. Due to which all people are facing a lot of trouble, now whether it is human or animal or businesses and whatever. Due to the shutdown of everything everywhere, people are facing a lot of trouble, now whether it is in the case of money or to eat and drink. Humans take his work for food and living their life, but did we think about stray animals that were daily walked on local streets. Who is going to feed them now, who are taking care of them now, they always depended on us. I have too much experience to share with you all, but I will not take this thing for long, just with 2-3 experience I would like to tell you my heart. By the way, I think a lot for these stray animals, a few days before the lockdown, I was sitting in my street that a female cow came in front of my house and started looking at me. Her face looked like she was very hungry, I did not see his condition and I brought some loaves for him and fed him and that cow sat very comfortably and ate those loaves. I was very happy to see this and that day I thought who could take care of these people except us. If we give them something to eat, they can eat completely, otherwise these people roam the streets all day. 

I have one more experience to share with you, my street has a family of stray dogs, with a total of 4-5 dogs, and everyone in our street gives them keeps giving something to eat with love, and now after lockdown these poor stray dogs. We cannot even imagine how those people would be feeling at this critical time. These people depend on us only, what will effect happen on these people if we won't think even think about these people, Whenever I get some time, I have feed them something. We should think something about those people and we can only feed something’s to them at least once a day in this lockdown days.

Where a life of pets is very simple and enjoyable, but in other hand the life of stray animals is very difficult. Pet care is very good; they have no problem, "With the lockdown, stray animals that typically feed on the waste generated by the eateries (which are now closed) will suddenly face a severe shortage of food, in neighborhoods where dogs typically not fed but they get food. It doesn't matter much but in urban areas where they depend on food items and eateries and piles of garbage, they will have a dearth of food. Life is very vivid to animals, in many cases they know who they are. They know who their friends are and who their rivals are. They have ambitions for higher status, they compete. Their lives follow the arc of a career, like ours do. We both try to stay alive, get food and shelter, and do this for the next generation. Animals are no different from us in that regard and I think that their presence here on Earth is tremendously enriching. 

Many street animals (Cats, dogs & cow etc) depend on humans for their everyday needs – food, water, shelter, veterinary care, love and more. Yet thousands of animals across the world have no guardian to care for them, they don't get a warm comfortable place to curl up in at night. Many animals suffer and die on the streets, animal homelessness is a complex crisis, but the solution is simple, adopt animals from shelters or the streets instead of buying them from breeders or pet stores and prevent unwanted animals from being born by always sterilizing companion animals. There are many countless stray animals in India who live without homes and spend their lives on the road. These animals often suffer and die from being hit by cars, due to being attacked by other animals, extreme temperatures, and starving, infectious diseases and other hazards are encountered. Delhi-based animal rights activist Raina Kapoor said, “The lockdown has affected all of us but has a very big impact on the stray animals and birds, specifically near the markets and near corporate setups. The strays have no means of feeding themselves as all offices, restaurants; roadside eateries (where they had easy accessibility to food) are closed. The strays and birds are starving. They will die in such a scenario, animals are the worst victims of disasters and “even though the disease may not kill animals but the apathy of people will.” According to India’s Livestock Census-2012, there are about 17.13 million stray dogs and 5.28 million cattle in India. The current number, however, could be higher. According to another estimate as of 2018, the population of stray dogs in India is around 3035 million.

“In this regard, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has clarified that dogs and cats are not involved in spreading infection in the current episode of corona virus infection,” the circular said. A statement from People for Animals said that in several pet shops in south Delhi, birds, cats, rabbits, hamsters have been rescued in near-death conditions. Similar drives are also on-going in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida. “It is sad that the pet shop owners locked down their shops leaving all the animals and birds starving. It is a difficult time for these innocent beings who can’t even express their pain or protest.”

So friends, it is clear that we should do to something for such stray animals, so that these people do not have much impact in the time of this disaster. And I feel that my words can reach you people, so I have used this method to convey the words of my heart to you. So this is a very little thing of my heart, So friends, you all just can to do something for such unique animals in this disaster, At least once a day, you can feed food to those stray animals around you, and with this i am ending this blog, so friends please tell me that how did you like my blog? Please tell by commenting. And make sure that you all can feed food those animals at least once in a day.


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